Annual European Digest Subscribers Tour

The AEDST is a product of the european subscribers of Ken Dykes' HeD (Harley email Digest).

In the summer of '93 (digest subscriber from the Netherlands) took off for a 6 week trip to the USA, to buy himself a Harley over there, ride it all over the country and ship it back home afterwards. He did so and posted his famous trip reports to the digest.

When in spring '94 his '83 FXWG finally arrived in Amsterdam, Fritz (digest subscriber from Germany) asked him via the digest, if he would like to meet somewhere for a ride and a few beers once his bike was ready to run. Mullie sure did, and immediately Herm from Belgium, AdriAn from Switzerland and a few more guys joined in, and soon the idea was born.

The name AEDST was suggested for this gathering and AdriAn volunteered to organize the AEDST'94.

The little french village of Lautenbach-Zell right at the Vosgeses mountains was choosen to host our first event and on a July weekend ten european digest subscribers plus five friends rode their bikes (10 Harley's) up there and met on a nice little campground, putting faces to names.

Over the years other meetings emerged, the most famous two being the Annual Meeting In The Middle Of Nowhere on Father's Day Weekend in Denmark and our BikeWeek early September in Blanes, Spain. And there are always reasons and occasions for folks to meet somewhere, sometimes even without bikes   ;-)

If you would like to join our Mailing-List, just send an email
to: subject: subscribe all your_name_goes_here
( replace 'your_name_goes_here' with your name! :-)

We'd regret to see you leave, but if you really have to, here you can unsubscribe

See you there or on the road , and always keep the rubber side down !!

PS: in case you wonder why you don't see any Harley-Davidson logos around here, although that's what this site is all (ok, mostly ;-) about, here is the reason why... (pdf)