AEDST Bike Week, Aug. 28 - Sep. 11 2021 in Blanes, Spain

This year at long last, in defiance of the adverse conditions and after quite a long absence, we did a propper Bike Week again! We rented Villa Las Brisas for two weeks, and since we had different occupants, we have one group picture for each week:

Week 1: Fritz, Mascha, Steve, Rolf, Nadia, Jujo, Uta, Joe, Ingo

Week 2: Nobilé, Jujo, Martin, Fritz, Uta, Chris, Mullie, Ingo, Rolf, Steve, Sturla, Joe
(Cally 'la Rubia' only joined us for three days,
unfortunately she didn't make it on either one of the group pictures...)

Many thanks to Patricia and Jordi for their visit on the middle weekend and of course to Jordi for preparing his fantastic Paella for us again!!   :-)

Kudos to Sofia and everybody at Coastal Villas for their excellent service! The second fridge was highly appreciated!   ;-)

Thanks to y'all for being there, especially to Mullie and Nobilé for abandon ship for a week to join us! Jujo, it was a relief to us all seeing you recover so well!

All in all, a great time well spent with awesome people!

Now go and see the pictures!